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Robert Ritch

Thursday, March 1

6:30am EST

7:00am EST

PO002: Long-Term Outcomes Of A Prospective Study Of Two Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stents Vs. Prostaglandin In Newly Diagnosed Open-Angle Glaucoma: 5-Year Follow-Up Astor BallroomRobert Fechtner MD PO004: Outcomes Through 48 Months Following Standalone Implantation Of Migs With 2 Trabecular Bypass Stents In Eyes With Oag Not Controlled On 1 Medication Astor BallroomJason Bacharach MD PO007: Treatment With Standalone Implantation Of 2 Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stents Combined With Topical Prostaglandin In OAG On 2 Preoperative Medications: 4-Year Outcomes. Astor BallroomSteven Vold MD PO010: MIGS With 2 Second-Generation Trabecular Bypass Stents Combined With Topical Prostaglandin In Eyes With OAG On 2 Preoperative Medications: 30-Month Outcomes Astor BallroomAnand Mantravadi MD PO016: Early Results Of The Kahook Dual Blade, A Novel Device For The Treatment Of Glaucoma Astor BallroomDavinder Grover MD MPH PO018: Six-Month Outcomes Of Goniotomy Performed With The Kahook Dual Blade As A Stand-Alone Glaucoma Procedure Astor BallroomSyril Dorairaj MD PO022: Supraciliary Micro-Stent Is Associated With Lack Of Disease Progression And Minimum Usage Of IOP Lowering Medications In Patients With Poag 2-Years Post-Implantation Astor BallroomBrian Flowers MD PO023: Evaluation Of A 24 Hour Circadian Rhythm Model For Iop After Implant With A Supraciliary Micro-Stent Astor BallroomBrian A. Francis MD PO027: Outflow Facility Effects Of Three Schlemm's Canal MIGS Astor BallroomCarol Toris PhD PO028: Evaluation Of Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery Devices: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Astor BallroomCindy Hutnik MD PhD PO035: Toric Intraocular Lens Outcomes In Glaucoma Patients With Advanced Visual Field Loss Astor BallroomReay Brown MD PO045: Factors Associated With 12-Month Intraocular Pressure Reduction Following Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty In The West Indies Glaucoma Laser Study (WIGLS) Astor BallroomTony Realini MD MPH PO048: Laser Peripheral Iridotomy For Pediatric Intermittent Angle Closure Glaucoma Astor BallroomWilliam Sponsel MD

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Saturday, March 3

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